Welcome to Humlix

We are happy to announce the first beta release of Humlix.

Humlix will assist you in testing your web APIs. All you need to do is give Humlix an example of how to call your API endpoints, and Humlix will use that information to generate hundreds of tests for you.

A few things you should know

  1. Software developers and testers who want to improve the quality of their software products are the target group for Humlix.
  2. Humlix is currently in beta and it is free to download and try it out. Head over to the Humlix site to sign up for beta access.
  3. A getting started guide for Humlix is available on the documentation site.

We appreciate feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts around Humlix. What you like and what you want us to improve so that you benefit from Humlix in your daily development and testing efforts. Please send us an email on feedback@humlix.com.

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